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Spring Turf

How do I give my lawn a fighting chance? Great lawns need food, water and the occasional reseeding and weed prevention.  Early Spring lawns need a little time to regain their strength; it’s best to hold off from raking until you see substantial green to avoid ripping the dormant grass from it’s place. If you have an abundance of rabbit poo hanging around your lawn, like I do, use a powerful leaf blower and clean up without causing damage. Now…

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Herb Gardening

How do you grow your herbs?  Rosemary pots, french tarragon baskets, garden chive rows, hanging…

Sunnyside Gardens

Your locally owned full service garden center, located in the Linden Hills neighborhood.
Sunnyside Gardens
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Sunnyside Gardens
Sunnyside GardensMay 26, 2015 at 2:37am
3 Reasons YOU Need to Go Tropical This Summer! http://sunnyside-gardens.com/?p=8849
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Sunnyside Gardens
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Open Memorial Day 8am-9pm.
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Flower Power
It's Tropical Plant Week
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